1 rows


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
call_type varchar 255 null
created_contract_code bytea 2147483647 null
error varchar 255 null
gas numeric 100 null
gas_used numeric 100 null
index int4 10 null
init bytea 2147483647 null
input bytea 2147483647 null
output bytea 2147483647 null
trace_address _int4 10 null
type varchar 255 null
value numeric 100 null
inserted_at timestamp 29,6 null
updated_at timestamp 29,6 null
created_contract_address_hash bytea 2147483647 null
addresses.hash internal_transactions_created_contract_address_hash_fkeyR
from_address_hash bytea 2147483647 null
addresses.hash internal_transactions_from_address_hash_fkeyR
to_address_hash bytea 2147483647 null
addresses.hash internal_transactions_to_address_hash_fkeyR
transaction_hash bytea 2147483647 null
transactions.hash internal_transactions_transaction_hash_fkeyC
block_number int4 10 null
transaction_index int4 10 null
block_hash bytea 2147483647 null
blocks.hash internal_transactions_block_hash_fkeyR
block_index int4 10 null


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
internal_transactions_pkey Primary key Asc/Asc block_hash + block_index
internal_transactions_block_number_DESC__transaction_index_DESC Performance Desc/Desc/Desc block_number + transaction_index + index
internal_transactions_created_contract_address_hash_index Performance Asc created_contract_address_hash
internal_transactions_created_contract_address_hash_partial_ind Performance Asc/Desc/Desc/Desc created_contract_address_hash + block_number + transaction_index + index
internal_transactions_from_address_hash_index Performance Asc from_address_hash
internal_transactions_from_address_hash_partial_index Performance Asc/Desc/Desc/Desc from_address_hash + block_number + transaction_index + index
internal_transactions_to_address_hash_partial_index Performance Asc/Desc/Desc/Desc to_address_hash + block_number + transaction_index + index
internal_transactions_transaction_hash_index_index Performance Asc/Asc transaction_hash + index

Check Constraints

Constraint Name Constraint
call_has_input ((((type)::text <> 'call'::text) OR (input IS NOT NULL))) NOT VALID
call_has_call_type ((((type)::text <> 'call'::text) OR (call_type IS NOT NULL))) NOT VALID
create_has_init ((((type)::text <> 'create'::text) OR (init IS NOT NULL))) NOT VALID
create_has_error_or_result ((((type)::text <> 'create'::text) OR ((gas IS NOT NULL) AND (((error IS NULL) AND (created_contract_address_hash IS NOT NULL) AND (created_contract_code IS NOT NULL) AND (gas_used IS NOT NULL)) OR ((error IS NOT NULL) AND (created_contract_address_hash IS NULL) AND (created_contract_code IS NULL) AND (gas_used IS NULL))))))
selfdestruct_has_from_and_to_address ((((type)::text <> 'selfdestruct'::text) OR ((from_address_hash IS NOT NULL) AND (gas IS NULL) AND (to_address_hash IS NOT NULL)))) NOT VALID
call_has_error_or_result ((((type)::text <> 'call'::text) OR ((gas IS NOT NULL) AND (((error IS NULL) AND (gas_used IS NOT NULL) AND (output IS NOT NULL)) OR ((error IS NOT NULL) AND (gas_used IS NULL) AND (output IS NULL))))))