3 rows


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
consensus bool 1 null
difficulty numeric 50 null
gas_limit numeric 100 null
gas_used numeric 100 null
hash bytea 2147483647 null
block_rewards.block_hash block_rewards_block_hash_fkeyC
block_second_degree_relations.nephew_hash block_second_degree_relations_nephew_hash_fkeyR
internal_transactions.block_hash internal_transactions_block_hash_fkeyR
logs.block_hash logs_block_hash_fkeyR
pending_block_operations.block_hash pending_block_operations_block_hash_fkeyC
token_transfers.block_hash token_transfers_block_hash_fkeyR
transaction_forks.uncle_hash transaction_forks_uncle_hash_fkeyC
transactions.block_hash transactions_block_hash_fkeyC
miner_hash bytea 2147483647 null
addresses.hash blocks_miner_hash_fkeyR
nonce bytea 2147483647 null
number int8 19 null
parent_hash bytea 2147483647 null
size int4 10 null
timestamp timestamp 29,6 null
total_difficulty numeric 50 null
inserted_at timestamp 29,6 null
updated_at timestamp 29,6 null
refetch_needed bool 1 false
base_fee_per_gas numeric 100 null
is_empty bool 1 null


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
blocks_pkey Primary key Asc hash
blocks_consensus_index Performance Asc consensus
blocks_inserted_at_index Performance Asc inserted_at
blocks_is_empty_index Performance Asc is_empty
blocks_miner_hash_index Performance Asc miner_hash
blocks_miner_hash_number_index Performance Asc/Asc miner_hash + number
blocks_number_index Performance Asc number
blocks_timestamp_index Performance Asc timestamp
empty_consensus_blocks Performance Asc consensus
one_consensus_block_at_height Must be unique Asc number
one_consensus_child_per_parent Must be unique Asc parent_hash